Sirai Stud

Sirai Stud sits at 7000 feet ideally located on the undulating Laikipia plateau. Established in 2012, the stud is breeding Friesian cross horses for sale within Africa.

Sirai Stud is home to two Friesian cross stallions and offers Artificial Insemination and Embryo transfer to Client Mares at its Timau Sports Club stables.

Venetia Philipps manages the welfare of the horses and over the past three years has been mentored by Dr Sandra Wilsher and Professor Twink Allen in modern reproductive techniques. Twink is recognized as one of the fathers of equine reproduction; pioneering Embryo Transfer both in the UK and globally.

Sirai Stud is regarded as being truly professional. With an excellent team preparing the horses to high standards, Sirai prides itself on faultless turnout obedient and content horses.