Sirai Stud

STALLION. Sundance out of Dakira by Fritz.

‘Good bone and compact confirmation, athletic stallion with endurance and a kind personality.’

MARE Matisse. 15.3hh. Friesian x Boerperde.

‘A weight bearing horse with a very kind personality.’

MARE Petrus. 15.3hh. Friesian x Boerperde.

‘Seen here with foal at foot- ‘ Margaux’, she is a large mare with great presence.’

MARE Beluga. 15.3hh. Friesian x Boerperde.

‘Seen here with foal at foot - ‘Daytona’, she is a majestic mare with plenty of bone and a good confirmation’

MARE Iceni. 15hh. Boerperde cross.

‘Compact mare with excellent bone, she has a very gentle outlook’

MARE Kyoto. 15.2hh. Friesian x Boerperde.

‘Excellent confirmation with a forward going personality.’

MARE Juno. 15.2hh. Friesian x Thoroughbred.

‘An elegant horse, solid bone with an alert outlook’


MARE. Lalibela. 15.2hh. Friesian x Boerperde

‘Good bone and beautiful movement with lots of athletic ability.’


MARE. Caprice. 16.3hh. Friesian x Boerperde.

‘Excellent forequarters and beautiful movement with a noble stance.’


MARE. Ara Pacis. 16hh. Friesian x Thoroughbred.

‘Excellent bone and elegance, this mare has a smooth gait and a fun outlook.’